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Forms to Complete >>



Please click ALL links below and complete the forms.


1. Colorado Challenge Form (print on lime green paper)

- Form for Colorado Challenge and in-camp activities

2. Cross Bearing Adventures Waiver (print on lilac paper)

- Form for rappelling 

3. Garden of the Gods Climbing Permit (complete online & print confirmation email)

- Form for rock climbing 

4. Noah's Ark Release Form (complete online)

- Form for white water rafting

5. Quaker Ridge CampDoc Form  (complete online)

- Form for Quaker Ridge Camp 


What Do I Need to Print & Give My Leader?

1) Completed & Signed Colorado Challenge Form

2) Completed & Signed Cross Bearing Adventures Waiver

3) Confirmation Email for Garden of the Gods Climbing Permit

Must complete online using this link - use reservation #67396

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